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Manufacturing Polymeric Engineering Products for Rail and Road Sectors

With the zeal to synchronize with international trends followed with a rigid compliance to produce impeccable quality rubber products, we, M.G.M. Rubber Company, started our business operation in the year 1967. Since then, we have emphasized upon offering our clients with cost-effective and impeccable quality products by utilizing our willingness, experience, and technology. Our uncompromising endeavor towards customer satisfaction has helped us to grow considerably and become an unmatched manufacturer of various Rubber Moulded, Rubber-Metal Bonded, Thermoplastic Moulded, Cast Polyurethane engineering products mainly used in rail-road application for anti vibration, damping, spring, sealing etc. purposes.

Wide Range

Custom design polymer to metal bonded products to your need. Rubber and Metal Bonded, Rubber- Thermoplastic and Metal Bonded, Thermoplastic Moulded various products used as Anti Vibration, Dampers, Bushing, Spheri Blocks, Mounts and many more.

Reliable Quality

Offering high qualiy long life customised solution. With our vast 50 years field experience in different rubber and plastic product with the help of our modern R&D center, we are in a continuous attempt of offering better solution to customers

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 Some Facts

Your Partner of Trust and Quality

  • Category-I supplier to Indian Railways, Defense and many other private and public sector for supplying various Rubber and Thermoplastic Engineering Products such as Anti Vibrations, Dampers, Munts, Suspensions, Thrust Pads, Torsion Blocks, Seals, Gaskets, Vacuum and Air Brake Rubber Rubber Parts and many more.
  • Have a wide range of product specially for Railway Freight Wagons, Passenger Coaches, Diesel and Electric Engines.
  • Successfully developed various products for GM, ASEA, HITACHI, ABB, LHB and many more.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified.
  • Categorised as green industry for pollution and environment control by Government of West Bengal, India.
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 Our Products

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Anti Vibrations, Dampers, Shock Absorbers

These products are intended to neutralize multi directional dynamic force bringing stability in curving & hunting motion, thereby reducing nose, wear and tear.

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Bushings, Silent Blocks, Torsion Blocks

These links and bushings are mostly rubber-metal bonded products to control unintended torsion, conical and radial load bringing equilibrium to car body movement.

View Bushings

Rubber Springs and Hollow Rubber Bellows

Mostly hollow type all rubber products giving proper damping in the during car movement. Some are used in heavy vehicles and some in railway passenger coaches.

View Rubber Springs

Thermoplastic Pads and Wear Plates

These pads prevent early damage of various rolling stock metallic parts due to high load bearing capacity, damping and wear resistance.

View TPE Pads

Electrical Insulation and Thermal Insulation

As the name suggests, these are all rubber products are used as highly reliable insulation covers where high voltage electricity passes through.

View Insulators

Gaskets, Rings, Seals, Rollers and Others

These are all tailor made moulded products manufactured with custom compounds depending upon end user's requirement. Metal bonded parts are also available.

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 Our Features

A Company Trusted Since 1967

An array of wide range of products

Catering Rail-Road sector with over hundreds of polymeric moulded products to the satisfaction of end users.

High-quality long-life material

Attaining the highest quality is our prime motto for which we have set up an state of art laboratory where we simulate the field condition.

Comprehensive and cost-effective solution

We understand the price sensitivity of the market and manufacture cost to quality balanced products of the highest standards.

Strong financial backbone

We have a long-standing growth-oriented business model, over decades building trust among our finance partners. This has resulted in a rock-solid financial backbone.

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