Gobinda Chandra Halder

 M.G.M. Rubber Company

The History of Formation

Gobinda Chandra Halder (Right) and Himadri Kumar Banerjee (Left)

Step into the vibrant tale of M.G.M. Rubber Company, where resilience meets innovation in the heart of 20th-century Kolkata, a city pulsating with history and chaos. Picture a time when India was still finding its footing as a newly independent nation, grappling with socio-economic challenges amidst the echoes of Hindu-Muslim riots and waves of immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

In this backdrop of uncertainty, two brave sons of Biswanath Halder, Madan Mohan Halder and Govinda Chandra Halder, dared to dream beyond the confines of their stable jobs. Inspired by their father's legacy and propelled by the expertise of their childhood friend Himadri Kumar Banerjee in the rare realm of rubber technology, they embarked on a journey that would carve a niche in India's manufacturing landscape.

In 1967, amidst the humble walls of their ancestral home at 5B Nayan Krishna Saha Lane, Kolkata, M.G.M. Rubber Company was born. Named after the initials of the visionary Halder brothers, the company breathed life into the realm of rubber manufacturing, setting up its inaugural production unit at 18 Galiff Street. With determination as their fuel and innovation as their compass, they started small, crafting O Rings and Gaskets for local suppliers.

Their commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence soon caught the eye of industry giants like Tata Motors, propelling them into the spotlight. Armed with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, they became the go-to solution providers, tackling complex challenges with ease.

Yet, amidst their ascent, fate dealt a cruel blow with the departure of Madan Mohan Halder, leaving a void that seemed insurmountable. But the indomitable spirit of the two friends, bolstered by the administrative prowess of another brother Nimai Halder, breathed new life into the company. With upgraded machinery and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, they diversified their portfolio, securing contracts with Indian Railways and Defense.

M.G.M. Rubber Company isn't just a business; it's a saga of familial bonds and unwavering camaraderie. With the addition of brothers Somenath and Kashinath Halder, the company expanded its horizons, opening a state-of-the-art production plant near Laketown Jessore Road. Evolving with the times, they delved deeper into rubber and thermoplastic engineering, crafting bespoke solutions for railways, heavy vehicles, and a myriad of industries.

Today, under the stewardship of Somenath Halder and Saugata Halder, M.G.M. Rubber Company stands tall as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Their journey, woven with the threads of tradition and modernity, continues to inspire generations, proving that with resilience and vision, even the most formidable challenges can be overcome.

Witness the legacy unfold, where every product is more than just rubber and metal; it's a testament to the spirit of M.G.M. Rubber Company - where innovation meets resilience, and dreams take flight.

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