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Technical Guidance Hub

Delve into the realm of polymer-to-metal bonded wonders with our expert technical consultancy services. Harnessing the expertise of our seasoned professionals, we specialize in guiding customers towards optimal solutions in anti-vibration technologies, dampers, mounts, bushings, and beyond.

Venturing beyond mere consultation, we embark on journeys of reverse engineering and fault analysis for problematic products, leading to transformative improvements. From crafting prototypes for trial runs to seamlessly transitioning into full-fledged production, we streamline the entire process. Our proficiency extends to standardizing test results across physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, ensuring precision and reliability.

In our commitment to excellence, we continually push the boundaries of innovation, exploring novel approaches and pioneering solutions that propel industries forward into a future defined by efficiency and reliability. Unlock the potential for knowledge expansion through engaging seminars and comprehensive training sessions, further enriching your understanding of polymer-to-metal dynamics.

Design and Development

Due to our relentless pursuit of excellence in the the field of production of Engineering Polymeric Moulded Products, we have built our very own Research and Development centre. Staffed by a cadre of professionals united under the banner of quality improvement, our Research & Development unit is dedicated for raising the pinnacle of perfection, ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction. With a rich array of modern edge testing facilities and quallity resources at our disposal, we are well versed in the rapid and thoughtfull development of a diverse spectrum of products.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have fortified our development arsenal by enlisting in memberships with esteemed organizations such as CII, AIRIA, IRMRA, and a host of others. Additionally, we maintain close ties with renowned institutions and innovation hubs such as the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and HASETRI Mysore, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and breakthroughs.

Innovating at the intersection of technology and creativity, our R&D endeavors transcend conventional boundaries, pushing the envelope of possibility to redefine standards and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Market Activation

Amidst the dynamic growth of India's Rail-Road sector, our longstanding presence in manufacturing has cultivated invaluable partnerships across various industries within the realm. These connections have provided us with a vast canvas to paint the market with a plethora of commercial products spanning the length and breadth of India.

Presently, we extend our offerings to exclusively market non-make-in-Indian commercial products throughout the country. Manufacturers from overseas seeking to penetrate the Indian market are welcomed to engage with our dedicated marketing department, furnishing comprehensive details, including product specifications, visuals, applications, and any pertinent documentation. Let's forge pathways for global products to thrive in the vibrant landscape of India's Rail-Road industry.

As pioneers in the field, we leverage our expertise and expansive network to ensure seamless integration and widespread adoption of international products within the Indian market, facilitating mutual growth and prosperity. Embracing diversity and innovation, we stand poised at the forefront of driving forward the evolution of India's Rail-Road sector, catalyzing progress and shaping the future of transportation infrastructure.

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