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Working principle

Basic Principle Is The Same As A TV. Accelerators work on the same principle as a television tube. Electrons are generated by a heated filament, which forms the electron gun. A voltage gradient draws the electrons away from the gun and accelerates them through the vacuum tube. As the high voltage beam of electrons passes from the beam tube and through the scan magnet, an oscillating magnetic field sweeps the beam back and forth across the scan window.


Cables, Heat Shrink Tubes, PE Foams etc, are subjected to E-Beam Radiation with extreme advantages compared to other cross-linking system. Cross-linking of O Rings, K-Rings, Gaskets, Diaphragms, Seals revealed extremely positive results compared to the conventional curing system.

The Comparison Table

E-Beam Radiation Curing System

Conventional – Sulphur / Peroxide Curing System

Direct Cross-linking by C-C linkage by electron beams Cross-linking by C – S x – C linkage (x = 1,2,3….) or C – O x – C linkage (x = 1,2,3….)
Extremely Strong Bonds Comparatively weaker bonds
Zero blooming effects Sulphur/Oxide have chance to bloom to periphery leading to surface deterioration
Extremely High Tensile Strength Lower Tensile Strength
Extremely high resistance to Compression Set Lower resistance to Compression Set
Extremely high resistance to Oils, Grease, Lubricants Lower resistance to Oils, Grease, Lubricants
Highly improved Accelerated Ageing properties Lower accelerated ageing properties compared to E-Beam system.
Lower material waste Higher Material Waste
Extremely short curing cycles Comparably curing time is quiet high
Very high productivity Lower productivity
Perfect for thin products Good for bigger products

Reason for Improvement

  • High Degree of Cross-Linking
  • No Polymer degradation due to high temperature as EB Cross-linking occurs at room temperature
  • No Oxidative degradation in polymers as observed in chemical cross-linking

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